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The Birth of Wilson Academy

Kathi Wilson (co-founder), “Schools have always cared ABOUT students but haven't always cared FOR students. After 25 years of laboring in the bureaucracy of public education, it's time to have school with a group of like-minded individuals who have situated themselves as teachers. This has more to do with mindset and experience than certifications.”

Structure- Wilson Academy has a - pronged approach to learning:

Bricks and mortar (4th-12) & Virtual (k-12)


Curriculum - Wilson Academy chooses an ACT curriculum because it is a national curriculum that teaches college and career readiness standards.  It entails all the components of curricula in all states.  This will allow our students to do well in the world and for the world.

Leadership Component - If this world is going to ever be better, it will begin with communities. Every student must learn to lead within his own community through awareness and confidence in the fact that intelligence is not fixed. What one is "good at", is not fixed. The human brain has neuroplasticity; therefore, it can grow. 


Class schedule - an A B block schedule that lasts about 90 minutes with a thirty-minute break between class sessions. Sessions are day and evening for flexible schedules and will be presented through an online learning management system ZOOM and Google classroom. Sessions are Monday through Thursday and Fridays are reserved for trips, electives, externships, apprenticeships, music, labs, etc. Saturdays are for tutoring as needed. (Classroom sizes are between 10-12 students max)


What sets us apart from others? Our faculty and staff, our belief system, accountability to students, flexible schedules, small class sizes, and being completely student centered.               

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