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Our Mission

Wilson Academy will produce individuals who are committed to improving this world by promoting a love for self, a love for others, and a love for community through inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection.

Core Principles

At Wilson Academy, we believe a quality education with an excellent teacher is a human right. Because we have excellent teachers and because all of our actions are deliberate and intentional with regards to our mission, at Wilson Academy, all children will learn.

To this end:

Educators will anticipate challenges students might have. We will work to
know and understand our students, their backgrounds, and their beliefs,
and therefore, be proactive rather than reactive.

Educators will adjust their lessons, strategies, and routines but not their
expectations. We will demand excellence in a caring manner.
Educators will act in the best interest of their students and colleagues by
behaving in an ethical manner as well as equipping themselves with tools to improve their craft. We will continue exploring how others grow, develop, and learn.
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